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I preach body positivity all the fucking time but when it comes to liking my own body I’m shit

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girls don’t like boys girls like winged eyeliner and chicken nuggets

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i wanna KISS YOU and you’re NOT HERE

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pretty sure i’ve come home from portugal whiter than when i left


My hair is so cute

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"You said you hate yourself 
So let me feed you strawberries off a plate I bought from a widow
Who was selling her husband’s things 

And we’ll see if you still hate yourself 
If you still hate yourself 
I’ll eat you out for an hour in your room ‘cause I love giving head 
If you still hate yourself 
We’ll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass
I don’t care about finishing college 
I’ll buy the biggest TV that my credit card allows me
We’ll watch the food network for the rest of our lives”

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